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"Make sure you catch Tutti Frutti. They are one of a kind!"
The Royal Brisbane Show - The EKKA Jonathon Tunny, Executive Director

Tutti Frutti has animated spaces, places and faces for Arts and Cultural Festivals, Street Theatre Festivals, Council and Corporate Events in 15 countries all over the world. With physical comedy, theatre, circus and a gift for engaging an audience, our shows have fired up the imaginations of the young and the young at heart, delighting audiences everywhere with their salubrious silliness.

Tutti Frutti will transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary world. We have a number of entertainment options to light up your event. Whether its high energy high jinx, quirky magic or a beautiful touch of nonsense, Tutti Frutti can provide stage, outdoor, cabaret or roving entertainment characters have animated stages, streets, theatres, piazzas, parks, tents, alleys, hospitals, piers, a cow paddock, a boat deck and beach promenades to name a few.

"Thanks. That was THE funniest piece of physical, clowning, street performance we’ve seen for yonks!!! Cheers!"
Anne Forbes Artistic Director Terrapin Puppet Theatre