"A show to make you laugh so hard you cry!"
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Sue Flockart Entertainment Programmer
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"With their sunshine energy and brilliant sense of fun, Tutti Frutti worked a miracle to make a freezing grey day feel like a Summers day"
Carina McGrail, Big Day Out St Patrick's Day - Dublin, Ireland


Tutti Frutti can put together an entertainment package to suit your event festival, school, library or birthday party.
Contact Maryke to discuss the possibilities. Visit Tutti Frutti on You Tube for examples.

Ski Boom
Ski Boom
"Roll out the pink carpet for more thrills, spills and frills than you thought possible"
Scene Magazine, Australia

Tutti Frutti, Australia`s much loved acrobatic comedy duo presents...Ski-BOOM!

A galloping ride through Esther Williams inspired swim routines, slapstick antics and gorgeous acrobatics, as they search for the Captain of their dreams. The finale ... a heart stopping stunt water-skiing show - all on dry land!

"Hilarious - one of the best things I saw at the (Glastonbury) Festival."
John Peel, Radio One, UK

The company has crafted three versions of this act, so that it can be performed as a street theatre show, stage show or an act within a cabaret.

Show Duration:
- 10 minutes Cabaret
- 30 minutes Stage
- 45 minutes Outdoor / Street Theatre


Flea Circus Flea Circus Show
"Thanks for re-affirming my faith in the magic of travelling theatre and the enduring power of high quality artists. Your Flea Circus was one of the best things I've seen in years"
Robyn Brady, Out of the Box Festival 2010

The Teeny Tiniest Circus with the Biggest Heart is coming to Town!

Juanita the World Famous Flea Whisperer has gathered the most talented Fleas from all over the World to perform their incredible acts

Thrill to the High Dive!
Gasp at the Flying Trapeze!
Meet the Strongest Flea in the World!

With her circus in a suitcase, her trusty cart and of course the stars of the show.. The Fleas! Juanita is coming to a town near you. Make sure you catch this unique and de-lightful show.

P.S No fleas are harmed in the training and performing of this show.

The Incredible Flea Circus is an intimate show with lots of audience. The flea circus is handmade and is a gorgeous curiosity in itself.

Few people have seen a flea circus live and its a beautiful magical show that fires up imaginations left right and centre!

I can perform it static where I set up in a space and the audience comes to me or it can be performed as roving entertainment

Show duration: 15 - 30 minutes depending on event requirements

Circus of Fleas

Starshine Starshine Roving

Meet Starshine ... A Hula Hooping Wonder on Wheels!!

She's on a mission to take the Joy of Hooping to the World.

Make sure you catch this spinning turning Looped out Lady as she whirrrrrrls around the town!

Starshine roves with her hoops or she has short stage act 8 minutes

Honey Pie Honey Pie Character

With her best mate 'FlutterBy' this Faery will enchant and delight young audiences

She has a 30 minute show “A Magic Tea Party”

You are Invited to a very special Tea Party!

Hosted by Honey Pie, the bush faery at the bottom of your garden with special guests Flutterby and Buzzy Bumble.

Come on a fantastical journey and learn how your garden grows. Sing to the flowers, dance with the trees, learn about butterflies and the importance of bees.

Who makes your honey? How do your bananas grow? where do your vegies come from?

Ask this faery she knows! With storytelling, dancing puppetry and magic this show reminds us of the wonder of all things that grow.

Honey Pie also roves with FlutterBy she is specifically designed to engage and entertain 2-5 year olds.

ice Magic Ice Magic

Snuggle up to those next to you… it’s about to get COLD!

Tutti Frutti teams up with the fabulous funny lady Amanda-Lyn Pearson (Crack-Up Sisters) for this Ice Skating Spectacular, dripping with diamond moments of hope and tragedy.

Slapstick acrobatics, ballet and touch of audience participation.   It’s better than the movies…its like bringing the magic of Torvill and Dean into your lives and an ice frenzy to your event.

Show Duration: 8 minutes

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