"I`ve been waiting 3 years for Tutti Frutti and it was absolutely worth the wait, Superb!"
Vevey Artistes de la Rue Pierre Butty, Festival Director Switzerland
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"Everybody`s still raving about Tutti Frutti!" Hervey Bay Whale Festival, Australia Beth Curry, Festival Director

Tutti Frutti is a circus company founded by Maryke del Castillo in 2001. Maryke works with various talented Australian artists currently Neridah Waters, Nick Cilento, Amanda Lyn Pearson (Crack Up Sisters) and Luke Cadden.
In the past Maryke has worked with Nina Carew (2000-2002) and Charmaine Childs aka ìBetty Brawnî (2002-2006) and Penny Lowther (2007-2011).

The companyís work has been developed with the help of some very funny people in-cluding Angela de Castro (Slava Snow Show), Sue Broadway (RaRa Zoo, Broadway & Co), Rudi Mineur (Rock N Roll Circus, Popeyed), Leeroy Hart (Circus Oz), Tom Greder (Oskar) and most recently has worked with Ira Seidenstein (Cirque du Soleil).

Picture of Maryke

Maryke was headed for a career in Osteopathy when she tripped over the Circus. She hasn't stopped falling over, hanging upside down and somersaulting ever since.

Maryke has worked professionally as a physical performer since 2002. She has trained in Dramatic and Circus Arts (1999-2002) and has also worked as an ensemble member for Circa (2005) and Circus Monoxide (2003) and was Head Trainer for Circus WOW (2001-2003) where she directed, choreographed and produced their debut show "What'sHerStory?" (2003). She worked with CahootsNI a childrens theatre company 2007-2009 in UK and performed in the Waterfront Halls Pantomine (UK); Robin Hood 2007/8 and Cinderella 2008/9.

She has performed in theatres cabarets in big and little top circus and Speigel Tents, in theatres, Opera Houses, in hospitals on cobbled streets in piazza alleyways, off a crane shaped like a giraffe and on a boat deck. She has recently discovered a passion for making things when worked as a prop maker for City Fusion- St Patricks Day Festival Project 2009 (Ireland) and The Beat Initiative Easter Parade 2009 (UK).

Bedside Theatre Project
Bringing joy and laughter to the wards and waiting rooms of Childrens' Hospitals.

Whilst working for Cahoots Childrens Theatre Company in Northern Ireland Maryke was part of their Magic Medicine Project. She immediately felt the potential of this project to enhance the work of the existing Clown Doctors and StarLight Foundation in Australia In 2011 Maryke and Penny Lowther undertook the pilot project of Bedside Theatre in the Brisbane Royal Childrens Hospital.

Flipside Circus in 2012 has come on board to assist Maryke to continue the project and with the financial support of the St George Foundation the project is in its second stage of development.

The Bedside Theatre Project (BTP) brings quality live theatre and its many benefits to children recovering in hospital, their families and hospital staff. This project is about creating forms of theatre that is sensitive to the specialist needs of a hospital and it's patients. It also assists in reducing stress and increasing wellbeing and healing in children.

It is a unique and delightful project in which a traditional Flea Circus (see"Incredible Flea Circus" in Show section) is performed in the wards and waiting rooms of the hospital. The project entertains young people in hospital and transforms the hospital environment into a place of entertainment, artistic practice and fun!

A long term partner is being sought to allow BTP to continue sustainably. The aim is for BTP to become part of the hospital landscape in the same way the Clown Doctors are. For the project to expand to other hospitals, aged care facilities and respite centres. Please contact Deb Wilks debbie@flipsidecircus.org.au or Maryke thetuttifrutti@yahoo.com.au for more information.

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